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    LED energy saving lamps Description 21

    A professional optical design: a street dedicated optical system (rectangular beam condenser PMMA lens).
    The reasonable control of the distribution of light rectangular spot to ensure that the ideal surface brightness and uniformity at the same time, eliminate the ordinary high-power LED street lamp glare and high-power LED street lamp light energy utilization to the limit, there is no light pollution;

    The general standard lamp, the lamp can be adjusted according to changes in road conditions point of view. To ensure a smooth adjustment to the best location;

    (3) the appearance of thin; power LED street lamp to reduce drag and weight, reduce the load of the pole, and enhance the safety factor;

    Intelligent monitoring, precision constant current power LED street lamp module to implement intelligent monitoring, regardless of the power grid fluctuations, can be accurate constant current, ensure the LED in the security current.
    No adverse glare; the elimination of the ordinary high-power LED street adverse glare caused by glare and visual fatigue sight interference, improve driving safety, reduce traffic accidents occur;

    (6) there is no light pollution; Light Distribution designed for road lighting design, in addition to illuminate the road itself, there is no light pollution on the surrounding environment;

    No pressure, do not smoke dust; eliminates the ordinary high-power LED street lamp shade black due to decrease in brightness due to the high-pressure absorption dust;

    No heat, no shade aging yellow; eliminate the ordinary high-power LED street lamp shade so reduce the brightness caused by aging yellow and shortened life expectancy due to high temperature baking;

    . Operating voltage range is wide; traditional light sources such as high pressure sodium lamp operating voltage fluctuates more than ± 7%, a sharp decline in life and brightness, while the ESD power LED street lamp operating voltage fluctuation ± 20%, life and brightness remains the same.
    10 no strobe; the work of the pure DC, eliminating the stroboscopic visual fatigue caused by the traditional street lights;

    11 impact resistance, earthquake and strong ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass enclosure, there is no issue of fragmentation of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body, no radiation;

    12 high color rendering index, color is good. Color rendering is more realistic, more colorful, identification of good;

    13 various color temperature optional; can meet the needs of different occasions, the color temperature to eliminate a sodium lamp color temperature is too low and too high pressure mercury lamp color temperature cause the hypnotic mood and repressed emotions, to make the viewer feel comfortable;

    14 significant energy saving. Super bright LED light source with high-efficiency power than traditional sodium lamp, mercury lamp more than 60% of the energy-saving;

    15 Long life of 50,000 hours or more; traditional sodium lamp, mercury lamp 5 to 10 times;

    16 green; high-power LED lamps do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, there is no pollution to the environment

    17 Input voltage Universal; 160-265VAC entire voltage range, constant-current PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low in calories, high precision constant current;

    18 pollution-free power grid; power factor ≥ 0.95 and ≤ 15% harmonic distortion, EMI, in line with global targets, reduce the energy loss of the power supply line and to avoid the contamination of high-frequency interference on the power grid;

    19 low heat low voltage, safe and reliable; LED junction temperature is controlled at ideal temperature (TJ <60 ° C ambient temperature Ta = 25 ° C);

    20 combined with solar energy, and give full play to the low voltage high-power LED street work and the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, according to the local solar energy resources, but also to the mains and solar powered combination of the best cost performance and high reliability for our customers;

    21 high luminous efficiency; the luminous efficiency of the LED under the existing conditions is ≥ 85 lm / w;
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